Paul Hornung: The Handoff Didn't Work
Summer of Covid

Happy Birthday Luke!

Because of the attention he got as a kitten from the then-neighbor’s grandkids he’s very friendly. He’s often on the front steps to our RV when we get up – ready for pets and extra food. He will curl up in Norb’s lap when we have a blaze in the firepit – until he hears something in the woods that needs to be checked out.

Since we are only on the property 45-50 nights a year, we have always depended on neighbors to take care of Luke the rest of the time. The arrangement has changed over the years, but obviously has worked.

Nancy and luke



This is the third winter Nancy, who lives down the road and loves cats, has backstopped the next door neighbors.







Luke has a heated box in the barn’s parlor for warmth, a heated water bowl, food and a south-facing window that provides warmth and a view.

Luke in Window 5


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