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Mile Markers: a message to classmates


We recently passed a noteworthy mile marker on our journey through life.

John Lundberg’s death, June 27, is the 89th In Memory entry on our class website. For a class of 356, it means one quarter of our classmates have died.

These are the boys and girls we played with in our neighborhoods, in band, on sports teams, and competed against for the attention of teachers and cute members of the opposite sex. Never again will be able to smile as we talk with them about those “good old days” at class reunions.

Take a deep breath, and think again: the glass is three-quarters full.

We have aches and pains. We’ve gained a bit of weight. We see doctors more frequently and take medications. For exercise, we walk instead of run. Senior moments are more frequent and annoying.

But we also enjoy friends and family. A good number of us travel (or at least did before the pandemic). We have found new, meaningful activities to fulfill our days. We share stories on Facebook and here, and write of seeing each other at the next reunion.

That’s another mile marker just down the road: the 60th anniversary of our graduation from high school.

Will we? Dare we for our own health plan a reunion next year? Until there’s a successful Covid-19 vaccine widely available, we can’t answer that question yet. Maybe in six months. For now, just something to think about. The Class of ’61 could celebrate 61 years in 2022.

In the meantime, for our own sake let’s do our part by social distancing and wearing masks.

Take care of yourself.



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