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COVID-19: A Personal Perspective

A flyover offers a chance think things over

The Navy’s Blue Angels flew over Chicago today, part of its America Strong campaign, a tribute to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were good and stayed home. We had hoped to see formation from our yard because we live less than a mile from Lake Michigan and two blocks from a Level 1 trauma center. We didn’t even hear them.

But friends who live in high rises overlooking the Lake, like Patty Coen who took this beautiful picture, did.


All of this is very nice. But the best way for us to pay tribute to health care workers is to wear a mask and practice social distancing. In that manner, we might make their jobs a little less stressful.



The cost of this comes out of their normal budget for rehearsing. It was beautiful just too short. I know my friends at hospitals greatly appreciated it. Was a nice relief.

Bill. hannaman

We see the Blue Angels about once a year flying over our house. I think they represent the sight and sound of freedom.

Mary Kramer

No doubt the flyover was dramatic and beautiful.
It does worry me the cost of this as well as the flyovers by Blue Angels.
This money could have been better spent providing our healthcare workers with still needed PPE.

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